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Advanced Fullscreen Panning Tool AS3
29.05.2014, 14:37

Advanced Fullscreen Panning Tool AS3

FLA | SWF | XML | CSS | JS | HTML | 22.9 MB


This is probably the ultimate purchase if you need a great panning tool for displaying large images or .swf files. Smooth scrolling and zooming as well as advanced AS 3 .0 coding.

It includes FOUR versions which are completely different, with our without a mini browser. A true 4-in-1 file.

You don’t have to use it full-screen, you can just embed it in your html at the size you want and it will work perfectly (ex. 590×300) giving your visitors an in depth look at your high resolution images. All four versions are fully resizable.

Tons of xml options including all colors, placement of the navigation, margins, zoom levels etc.

It is a great addition to your project and has tons of possible uses, don’t miss out !

Settings you can change in the XML :

- loader color
- navigation alignment (for ex. Top Right)
- navigation edge margin
- navigation text
- minimum zoom amount
- maximum zoom amount
- panning by moving mouse on/off
* ALL colors and transparencies :
- SLIDER text background color, slider background color, text color, icon color, button normal/mouseover colors, slidershape active/inactive colors, slider icon active/inactive colors
- PANNING background color, button bg color, button normal/mouseover colors, moving area fill, stroke colors and alpha etc. - All the texts used (ex. zoom, minimize etc.) can also be changed straight from the xml
... and many, many more, each version has it’s own xml settings

Скачать Advanced Fullscreen Panning Tool AS3 с depositfiles

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