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Resizable Media Gallery with Albums, Video and Admin Description Оригинал - Rus
29.05.2014, 14:40

Русифицированная версия фото / видеогалереи с админ панелью. Внедрил шрифт Century Gothic.

FLA | XML | SWF | JS | CSS | PHP | PSD | HELP | 18,5 МБ


As a bonus to this file, we included a PHP Admin Panel for easy management of the gallery. However you can use it with xml files as most of the galleries on sale. 

This gallery supports unlimited albums each with unlimited items. It can display photos as well as videos (flv, mov or any other h.264 format etc.) and each item has an (optional) html formatted description which gives you perfect flexibility for your text formatting and design. 

You will surely not regret purchasing this file, there's always need for such an attractive and flexible media gallery in any project. 

In each album you can make the distinction between photos and videos via the icon attached to the item. 

It's perfect for displaying tons of data in a organized, smooth and attractive manner. 

Advanced PHP CMS Preview 
Front-end (to preview changes) : http://flash-components.oxylusflash.com/advanced-full-screen-media-gallery-02/ 
Administration Panel : http://flash-components.oxylusflash.com/advanced-full-screen-media-gallery-02/admin/ 
Username : demo 
Password : demo 

Settings you can change in the xml (or admin): 
- width and height of the actual display area 
- width and height for the album thumbnails as well as the thumbnails for the items inside the albums 
- titles for the albums and each item in the albums 
- distance between the thumbnails, both for albums and item listing inside them 
- the number of albums to be displayed at once 
- all existing animation types and time 
- html formatted description for each item (optional) 

Other features : 
- supports special characters for both titles and descriptions 

This file also includes a easy to use class for a patern background and the .psd design source files.

Скачать Resizable Media Gallery with Albums, Video and Admin Description с letitbit

Скачать Resizable Media Gallery with Albums, Video and Admin Description с depositfiles

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