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Oxylusflash - Fluxglide Pro Multi Media Gallery AS2 - Rip
29.05.2014, 14:41

Oxylusflash - Fluxglide Pro Multi Media Gallery AS2 - Rip

SWF | XML | JS | HTML | 16,7 МБ


Features : 
- It can hold un unlimited number of items or categories 
- Supports a nice background module that can hold pictures and videos, can randomize them and set the change time in seconds between them 
- You have a top right menu which will not be shown if you have only one category present. This too supports an unlimited numbers of items. 
+ many more 

Options you can change in the XML (70+): 
- toggle description on / off on popup 
- change many animation parameters like time and animation type on most of the elements 
- picture widht and height 
- thumbnail grid 
- set full screen button text 
- set multiple backgrounds 
- randomize backgrounds 
- disable background picture or slideshow 

* For each item you can set 
- thumb address 
- autoplay and volume for videos 
- you can enable zoom & pan for a picture in a popup 
- mouse over tooltip text, which of course, if you leave it blank there will be no tooltip shown

Скачать Fluxglide Pro Multi Media Gallery AS2 с depositfiles

Скачать Fluxglide Pro Multi Media Gallery AS2 с letitbit

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