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ThemeForest - Fluxglide Complete HTML5 Website with Shop and CMS
29.05.2014, 15:01

ThemeForest - Fluxglide Complete HTML5 Website with Shop and CMS

CSS | JS | PHP | HTML | PSD | 79,8 МБ

info: http://themeforest.net/item/fluxglide-complete-html5-website-with-shop-and-cms/1234916

demo: http://demo.oxylustemplates.com/fluxglide-demo/

Advanced PHP CMS Preview :

Administration Panel: http://demo.oxylustemplates.com/fluxglide/admin/
Username: demo
Password: demo

Key Features

  • Clean, bespoke, minimalist design that allows the site theme/niche to be changed just by well chosen background images
  • 20 Modules included, making this one of the most featured templates on sale
  • Our content management system is very logical which makes editing the content and marketing a breeze
  • Full SEO Support : the html is 100% SEO friendly, every single page can be optimized individually (title, keywords, description, url) and has ‘friendly urls’, CMS automatically generates googlemap.xml (google) and urllist.txt (yahoo)
  • Modular design : you can choose to use any of the 20 modules included and you can use any module multiple times
  • Google Analytics support, ownership verification using meta tags directly from the CMS
  • Easy image-manipulation from the admin panel (cropping, resizing, uploading, etc.).
  • Effortless installer: all you need to do is give permissions to a certain folder, from there on it will do the rest for you. Documentation provided.
  • Fully featured E-Commerce module, advanced shopping cart with shipping methods, tax, multiple payment options (paypal, moneybookers, authorize.net, offline), variations, comments, digital distribution (download) and much more.
  • Supports user accounts, facebook login, user protected modules, “local” as well as facebook comments support.
  • Form generator (define your own fields with ease) for the Contact and Careers (upload) Modules
  • The Gallery, Portfolio and Banner Rotator modules support MP4 video uploads as well as Youtube and Vimeo clips.
  • Custom font is in woff format so it can easily be changed to any another font via a woff generator
  • The Photoshop .PSD designs as well as the HTML version of this template ($15 value) are included !

Included Modules :

E-Shop – Products Catalog and Cart Modules

: A complex module you can use to safely and elegantly sell and ship your products. Here’s a set of the main features:
* category pages
* search results
* unlimited amount of products
* for each product you can have a mini gallery containing images and videos (local as well as Youtube or Vimeo embeds)
* reviews for each product
* ask a question
* public comments ( local or facebook )
* unlimited product variations (ex: size, color, etc.) with price change
* support for specifications tables
* taxing (international, domestic)
* shipping methods (international, domestic)
* supports downloadable products (digital distribution) support. After the purchase clients can receive a download link and/or download the product from within their user account
* multiple payment options support including Paypal, Moneybookers, Authorize.net or offline. Any other payment options can be integrated as custom work if needed.
* advanced ordering management directly from the admin panel, e-mail notifications for clients and administrators when an order status changes
* supports all currencies available through the payment processors
* you can use multiple product catalog modules, cart is unique throughout the site, of course


* countless labels and topic
* search topics
* view all topics written by a certain author
* view all topics containing a tag
* enable/disable comments for any topic you want
* pagination for comments, to avoid crowded pages
* enable/disable administrator moderation for comments


* supports unlimited number of albums, each with as many items as you need, no limits. If there’s just one album no album menu appears.
* gallery items can be images, mp4 videos or youtube/vimeo embeds
* large item view opens in Pretty Photo


* complex portfolio with unlimited categories that can host unlimited projects and each project can have an unlimited number of images and videos
* easy project navigation with no need to return to index


* custom form generator
* message archive with the possibility to redirect your e-mails to various addresses depending on the department selection
* editable e-mail templates and auto responder for clients
* captcha support for guests

User Accounts

* login, register, register with facebook, recover password
* edit user account details, default shipping and billing info
* orders history and purchased product download section

User Comments

* can be added to any other module (even contact module if, for some reason, you’d want that)
* supports internal comments as well as facebook comments, your call
* moderation in the admin panel
* captcha support for guests
* admin notification on new comments

Banner Rotator

* supports images, vimeo and youtube videos
* can be used as a showreel when just one item/video is used
* supports captions that can be placed anywhare on the item and also supports multiple captions per item


* form generator for applicants form
* resume upload support
* captcha support for guests

Home Page

* generic html content page module, can be reused for any content page

Social Bookmarking
Countdown Launch Timer
Team Members

* global backgrounds or unique backgrounds for each module
* custom background slideshow support

External Links

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Скачать Fluxglide Complete HTML5 Website with Shop and CMS с letitbit

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